Leigh Burton

If you have considered personal development coaching and courses before, it might have been a bit scary to get started. Nobody wants to dig up old stories and wounds. I don't blame you. But you don't have to. The past can stay in the past, and you can start right now moving into a much brighter future.

I know all too well how challenging life can be at times. I found that to get over the bumps in the road I had to start living ego-free. That's why I built the "Living Ego Free Program". The very first module lets you start making positive changes in your life immediately. Regardless of the circumstance, you want to start feeling better, right? Each module that follows adds more impact and empowers you to make what you learn stick with you. The program has 1o modules plus a bonus module, and I will walk you through each of the modules so that they can be applied to your circumstances and make sure that you get everything you can out of it. Each module comes with a motivational video to let your mind be comfortable with the next part of your journey.


Here's what you get when we work on the program together.

  • Working together is really easy!  It's done online in a private chat room created just for you.
  • You and I will meet for a live and private session for each module.
  • SOS calls (1 per week and 30 minutes) - If you feel stuck, we can easily arrange a call.
  • A free copy of the "My Let It Go Journal".
  • A free copy of my first book that tells the tale of my journey.
  • An audio recording of all calls so that you can go back to them at any time.
  • A Bonus module that will bring it all together for you. A quick reference guide for the future.


Right from the start, you will be doing simple exercises that will help you change your perspective. That doesn't mean that you will ignore the issue at hand. First things first, let's get your subconscious mind comfortable with the journey you are going to take.

You have embarked on a journey that will give you a great deal more control over your life. To understand that much personal power, it is important to understand what it is about us that causes us to lose that power.

If you don't know much about the Ego, that's ok. This module will show you why you have an Ego, where in your mind your Ego lives and what it's purpose is.

With the ancient study of archetypes, you are able to easily understand why you have a limiting belief and why that voice in your head tells you the things that are holding you back. Hold on, there's more. You are going to be reintroduced to your inner child. Find out what she wants from you because she is the one who takes care of you being able to be creative, and living in your passion.

When asked to identify core values, most create a very long list of the great things that are important to them. However, the sub-conscious mind and the Ego have difficulty keeping track of that many. Ancient wisdom teaches that you need only four. But don't worry. All the things you want out of life will fit very nicely within your four core values.

Resilience is key to getting back up and continuing your journey. Just be sure to do it the right way. Don't miss the important parts that make your resilience a comfortable skill to engage.

Ever wonder "What is it that I do that keeps me in this issue?" This module is going to show you how to easily identify your behavioral pattern that is getting in the way of your true happiness.

Now that you know what you don't want in your life, there has to be a simple way to make a change, right? There is! The right process will help you eliminate your undesirable pattern so you can see immediate results.

Accountability doesn't mean you have hard work to do. Quite the opposite. Owning your transformation comes with rewarding yourself for your efforts. This module will also introduce you to an easy process you can go to as often as you like so that you stay on track.

Forgiveness is a tricky thing and it doesn't always relieve our pain. There is a part of the true forgiveness process that can instantly release you from negative thoughts, and let you move on. Instantly, you don't need to take it personally anymore.

I don't want you to go forward without making sure that you got every morsel of this fantastic way of living Ego free. This module will summarize everything for you. It is a perfect place for you to go to in the future so you can reflect on what really works for you.