Leigh Burton
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"I had a clear dream for my life and business, yet each time I began to see my dream be realized, ‘something’ would happen. That something was me, I was my own saboteur. After working with Leigh, I faced my saboteur and learned why she did what she does. I learned to let go of the ‘things’ that don’t serve my life and goals and this opened a door to abundance in m life. I am so grateful to Leigh for opening this door to a life of gratitude and abundance."

Deborah Ferdinand


"I got really tired of dating all the wrong men and was more than ready to meet Mr. Right. Working with Leigh and taking the Living Ego Free program changed everything. It showed me how to make changes right away. The changes rippled out to my children and all areas of my life improved. It worked! Less than a year later, I was engaged to a man who I only dreamt was out there."

Angie DiGiovanni
Entrepreneur/Great Mom

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"Working with Leigh has allowed me to heal old wounds and find closure in my past. I've been able to let go of the things that no longer serve me. I started this course to become a better version of myself as I prepare to be the best mother I can be. Now that the course has ended, I am ready to begin the next chapter of my life and open my heart to the abundance and joy that is coming my way."

Lara Darling
Health Care Professional


"I'll admit that I was nervous taking a look at myself first, but Leigh was right there with me making sure that I was comfortable and able to make the changes I wanted to see for myself. Because of the Living Ego Free program, I feel much more comfortable standing up for what I want. I spend each day with happiness and the confidence to know that great things are more than possible for me. Because I deserve it."

Brandy Radel
Financial Advisor

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"I was really depressed and had terrible anxiety about money. I just couldn't save a dime. After working with Leigh I don't feel any of the negative emotions anymore. I am much happier and excited that my savings account is growing. I am much more confident and inspired to keep the great changes in my life continue."

Penny O'Connor


"I didn't realize the impact my thinking had on me, and it became very clear why I was so anxious. Leigh was able to show me how to easily change the way I talked to myself so that I could start immediately seeing more of what I wanted. I was able to lose the weight that bothered me and start feeling really good about myself."

Sandra Dadey
Government Administrator

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"Thank you! Everyone is amazed at the transformation. I am at peace with my past and it doesn't get in the way of my happiness anymore. My family and friends enjoy the new me and I love it."

Linda Dains
Waitress/Happy Lady


"I don't get nearly as angry anymore. It used to consume me. The Living Ego Free program helped me see that it was fear getting in the way of my being comfortable and happy. Leigh was very supportive and had great insight to share. I am so grateful."

Christina Brooke
Office Manager

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"I was looking ahead at changes in my career and I found this program made it simpler to stay grounded. It was empowering and inspired me to be more comfortable with the changes I was going to face. Leigh is meant to do this!"

Linda Wells


"There is far less stress and pressure in my life to make everybody else happy. Leigh isvery intuitive and makes it comfortable to look inside and go deep."

Saskia Jennings
Caregiving, Coaching Consultant

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