Week 3 - Beauty, Ugly & Patience

If paying attention to what the Universe is trying to show me is what I intend to master, then I will have to make an effort to take it all in.  All of it.  What’s showing up for me?  Three words come to mind very quickly when I asked myself the same question.  Beauty, ugly and patience.  I know, three simple words that shoved an image of a question mark to mind for me too.  But, that’s how it shows up for me.  As always, I had to take time to wrap my head around what the connection was.  

Clearly, I am in love with Mexico.  I feel like my inner child has free reign to be whomever she wants to be, and I would bet the farm that I have spent many lifetimes here before.  Although I can’t remember any of the past life stuff, I do know that it will keep coming up if it isn't dealt with. So, let’s hope that the effort of sharing it with you will give me the opportunity to manage its purpose, and give my next journey an above the curve start.
I’ve come to realize that patience isn’t just a virtue, it's a necessity to empower my ability to witness.  And in patiently witnessing that which is around me I can experience balance.  Don’t get me wrong, life is always busy, and there is a lot going on for everyone. It is just as challenging for me to climb out of the vortex of modern human existence and permit myself to just experience.

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I know I shouldn’t allow myself to be tremendously attached to something, but I couldn’t help it when it came to that new bike I bought last week.  I say it that way because it was stolen.  Yes.  Gone.  It doesn’t matter how or why, just that it made me incredibly sad. Sad enough to call home and have a little cry.  Over a bike, can you imagine?  The truth is that this bike represented something incredible for me.  More than ice-cream for a child, I could feel my heart smile when I would so comfortably ride along the street feeling the warm breeze and the sun kiss my face.

We all have our thing, and maybe mine does go back to when my little brother smashed up my bike because his was broken, I don’t know.  (Still today, that memory brings one word to mind. “Seriously?) All I know is that it provided a source of freedom that was exhilarating.  That’s why the word ugly came to me. 

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OK, so grow up, wipe the tears and carry on.  Since I refuse to let darkness get in the way of my happiness, I went out and bought another one.  It was quite early as I left my apartment that morning, too early for the bike shop to be open in fact.  So I went to a restaurant nearby to have breakfast.  There, I was reminded of the style of art that is so prominent in Mexico.  The bright colors that the artists use to capture just about everything you can imagine.  Like graffiti, it is everywhere.  On the walls of restaurants to the outside of buildings.  Everywhere, there is something beautiful to pull you into a moment and enjoy it.  That’s why the word beauty came to me.

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Had my bike not been stolen, I wouldn’t have been out so early that morning and witnessed something I otherwise forgot to enjoy.  Now, the guy that owns the bike shop laughed a little when I told him the story, (OK, now I can laugh too) and for the sake of the possibility that superstition should matter, I picked a different color.  I doubt that a different color will ward off any future “ugly” but what the heck.  

As I rode away, I let the smile on my heart and the kiss of the sun induce the answer to the magical equation before me.  

Why beauty, ugly and patience?  What’s the message?  

There is always darkness where there is light; we only choose to see one or the other at any given time.  Internalizing it and allowing what we perceive to be our story at that moment will not only define the next moment, it will diminish the ability to be in balance with the Universe.  To see both, there must be patience.  It is patience that gives us the ability to stand outside of the box that closes around a moment and make it be all that exists.  Even if just for a short time, without this incredible skill, we will just go from one part of our story to another like each having nothing to do with the other.

So, during this week of my journey, I commit to being patient and allowing both to exist in front of me.  I will do my best not to be sucked into one or the other and miss out on what incredible and magical things are before me.  I choose to be where I am at any time, and I can decide to see the gift that is right there in front of me.  Now I know, that’s why the word patience came to me.

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