Week 2 - The Universe Knocked At My Door

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Every morning I get up and head to the terrace on the roof, coffee in hand, and readiness to watch the sunrise.  Hmmm, always a perfect start.  That is something I don't enjoy at home.  My choice of course.  Most mornings I would get up and head right to my computer. "What's been going on?"  "Did that person return my email?"  "Don't forget this, and don't forget that..." 



A part of this journey is a promise to work away from the BUSY BUSY and start enjoying more. That's not to say that I can't be just as productive.  It's all too easy for anyone to fall into the trap of staying overly busy for the sole purpose of feeling productive and successful.  Well, it's damn hot here, and that forces me to slow it down a bit.  I love the heat, but a siesta is well earned here haha.

Even though I intentionally do my best to take in as much "wonderful" that I can, it wasn't until this morning that I did some math and realized that I was getting exactly what I asked for. When I set out on this 90 journey, I intended to achieve a couple of things that would take being my best self to the next level.  I know that the Universe is this vast space of imminent possibility and that synchronicity is always present if I pay attention.  But, this morning,  a knock at the door left me swirling all of the thoughts over the past couple of weeks into a divine sense of awareness.  A little intense?  I'll explain.

Before I made coffee, I had to get over the fact that I just met my first Mexican cockroach.  Yes, nature.  Yes, it's hot, and they are seeking a cooler space.  But I don't care!  YUCK!  Not willing to overlook anything, I found that Stanley (that's what I will call him) represents moving forward.  Interesting.  With gratitude, I sent him on his way.  I will say him, although not confident about it. I am absolutely convinced that I wasn't going to take any measure to find out otherwise. 

I said that there were a couple of things that I intended to achieve on this journey.  One of those is a far better understanding of synchronicity and the ability to listen to what the Universe is trying to tell me.  And, a more in-depth study of manifesting our dreams after letting go of what isn't working, taking what I do to the next level.  I had to get Stanley out of my mind and went to an old exercise about dreaming.  The process is simply imagining what I want to see in my life in a way that allows the conscious, sub-conscious and super mind to be wide open to the possibility of anything that you dream of becoming a reality.  It is only a part of manifestation but is very powerful.  I asked myself "If I could have anything what would it be?"  It didn't take long to imagine a home with my dogs and husband, near (keep the word near in mind) the beach.  I could smell the air, and feel the sand.  I was able to see linens, dishes, wicker furniture and all of the things that would make this home my comfortable space.  I saw me sitting at a table eating one of my favorite Mexican dishes, ceviche.  I wrote everything down as I should.  Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the door.  The woman that owns the building I am staying in stopped by to let me know that my new apartment would be ready for tomorrow.  She owns a few different businesses and is so very busy, so she asked if I minded helping her out with something.  She did not have much time but knew that the apartment required all the trimmings and asked me this...

"What are you doing today?  Do you have a little time to go and get the things you will need for your apartment?  Pick what you want so that you are happy.  Linens, dishes, etc."

My response?  "Seriously?  Of course!"

I asked you to remember the part of my dream that said: "near the beach."  Lesson learned, be very crystal clear what you are asking for. Six blocks IS near the beach, not on it.  I laughed because I had no complaints, and it was clearly a gift to witness such incredible and divine power.  


"Keep your eyes and ears open Leigh."  Yes, there are moments that I talk to myself.  Sure enough, I get a call from someone I met while here, asking if I wanted to go and have lunch.  We ended up at Zenzi, a restaurant on the beach with fantastic lounging in the sand.  You got it... I was rubbing my toes in the sand and enjoying a most delicious Ceviche.  



What I haven't shared yet is that when I met James, we grabbed a quick coffee and talked about what we were doing in Playa.  Yep.  Synchronicity all over the place.  James told me that he had just arrived and that he came from Australia with the intention to achieve his next writing project and find the next level of his best self.  He said that he was drawn here and decided that he would be here for 90 days.

Right. Of course he is. Message received.  I won't doubt or challenge synchronicity again. Thank you, Universe.  Maybe not so much for Stanley, but it's all good.  Come by anytime.


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