Week 1 - Ego Started Right Away

The Riviera Maya has always had a place in my heart, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to take the leap and reverse my travel plans.  Instead of spending most of my time in Canada and visiting Mexico throughout the year, I will be doing the exact opposite.  It isn't that I don't love Canada, it's that the Riviera Maya calls to me.  So, I packed two suitcases, two computers, two cameras and headed for the airport.  "Playa Del Carmen, HERE I COME!"

Today is the end of my first week.  I have to say that it feels very natural to be here.  Don't kid yourself though, even though I have been coming here for 25 years, being here with the intention of staying longer than a few weeks invites a few cultural differences I would otherwise not experience from a hotel or resort.

First stop?  The apartment I rented online.  STOP THERE!  Wasn't having it.  Yuck! So, a dear friend that picked me up at the airport made a call and voila (ahí está).  A friend of a friend was there to save the day.  Great place!  


It has only been six weeks since I was last here, but I could not wait to get to Tulum and see the beautiful beach.  WOW!  Perfecto!  Is there a better way to start this journey than to be surrounded by people who are SO relaxed and loving life?  If there is, I wasn't interested.  Flip flops off, feet in the sand and playing toss with one very happy dog who could not stop chasing the coconut.

The apartment I ended up renting (6 blocks from the beach) was still under construction, so an upgrade to a studio was a great place to start the connection between work and play.  Not at all that difficult since everything I do is virtual. On the third day, I rose quite early, (just as I did back home), and started back to writing and coaching right away.  I didn't even notice the day go by.  Very normal when in Canada.  Here in Playa, that just wouldn't do.  If my journey was to reach my personal highest level of peace and freedom, I wasn't going to spend an entire day sitting in front of a one-dimensional world.  There had to be a better way to achieve what I was set out to do and bring my work to the table successfully.

Don't kid yourself, the first week was tough.  I completely lost track of the time change, and there were a few calls that this "oopsie" wasn't received well.  But, all in all, the first week working from here went well.  A few adjustments here and there set what I think will be a well-organized work week that I can achieve everything I need to do and still get in what I came here to do.  Once I reset my watch, and let go of the nine to five mindset, I was well on my way. Time to rid the "Be busy to be successful" way of thinking.  Streamline.. and work smart.  Until day seven.

ah cacao coffee.jpg

Day seven was tough.  I found myself trapped in the thought patterns that questioned my new processes.  The idea of having free time throughout the day to go for a walk, get some sun, or stop at a cafe to visit with other Canadians had somehow become very strange to me.  And that was when Ego stepped in and started the whole sabotage game.  


The craziest thoughts went through my mind.  Like "Are you crazy?  How unproductive is this?  And, what the hell made you think that coming to Playa for three months was a smart idea?"

Yep, that's Ego.  Isn't she lovely?  Well, I won't have Ego getting in my way.  I'll show her haha.  So I bought a bike. Small investment, but a sure fired way to tell Ego "We're staying!  Learn to like it."  And do you know what the very next thing was that happened?  Since I hadn't been on a bike for more years than I care to share out loud, my inner child had a blast.  Riding along like I have been living here for years taking in everything my eyes could hold onto. And try to take that smile off of my face!

My mission for this 90-day journey is to be more evidence that we can do and have whatever we want if it is something that we are called to.  All we have to do is stand up and say "I'm doing it, and nothing will get in my way."

So stay nearby, I will be sharing the journey with you.  All the ups, all the downs, all the laughs and even any tears.  Because I want this to be a realistic look at what it is like to JUST DO IT.  (No, Nike didn't pay for that.)

Until mañana (tomorrow).

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