My Dog Reminds Us To Love Life

Over the years, I have taught myself not to cry.  That's not to say that I don't allow myself a cry now and then, but for what I do, it can get in the way.  When a client shares their story, I can feel their suffering in my heart.  If I succumb to the instant change of emotion and cry, it may cause my client to close up for the guilt of making me feel bad.  I don't want that.  

But, my furbaby Miley open the floodgates quite easily when she was playing in the backyard and injured her leg.  Regardless of her size, she was crying like a puppy, and it broke my heart.  After assessing the situation, it was time to take her to the vet and find out what was going on.  That wasn't an easy thing for her either.  She cried every time she moved one way or the other.  But... she offered a most precious gift as well.  Miley let me know that suffering wasn't going to keep her down.  Instead, regardless of it being difficult, she knew she was off to one of her favorite places and didn't hesitate to pull me to the car so we could visit with her beloved doctor.  While in the back seat, she whimpered from being uncomfortable, but again, she whined and raced inside the building because she knew one two things were certain.  


Miley knew that she was going to get an unlimited amount of her favorite treats, hugs, attention and she knew that she was heading to a place that was safe and would give her whatever she needed to get through her obstacle.  

There was no way this girl was going to let a set back get in the way of her enjoying every morsel of awesome her day had to offer.  

So, again I cried.  Of course, I did.  My precious girl reminded me that no matter what, life is worth living to the fullest and that no matter what is happening right now, there is still lots of awesome available if we are open to it.

Leigh Burton1 Comment