Still Waiting For Your Dreams To Come True?

Manifestation and making your dreams come true is challenging.  What if all that you do to receive what you desire isn't enough?  Maybe it's time to consider what the universe is asking of you, instead of what you continue to ask the universe to produce.

Everything that you desire is out there somewhere... you simply have to ask for it the right way. And if you reintroduce innocence and vulnerability to your life, you will begin to open up to the vast amount of possibility that is right there waiting for you.

You've heard it before..."What you think is what you are."  It is said so often because it is true.  Your thoughts are energy, and they initiate a vibration that will connect to similar resources.  Simply put, if you think negatively, you won't get the positive forces that you are seeking.  Yes, you likely think about the great things that you desire, but if somewhere deep inside you feel that it will be difficult or that you are undeserving, the universe is not going to represent.  

The very moment that you release ourselves from a limiting belief, you will shift to a place that allows abundance.  Without surrendering to the power of natural manifestation, it's likely that you will stay right where you are.  

Think of it this way... Some of us:

Don't want to get close to someone because we fear our heart may be broken.  What if we changed that to the opportunity to experience love for what it this time has to offer?

Don't pursue our dreams because of the fear of failure.  What if we changed that to allow the experience of trying to be what gifts us with wisdom and knowledge of what we don't want and allowing our dreams to become crystal clear?

Releasing a limiting belief that is holding you back will immediately open you up to start receiving that which is conducive to the shift in your energy field.  This is how abundance flows.  It isn't that what you seek isn't available, and it isn't that you don't deserve it.  A shift in your mind is all you need to allow the flow to become more of what it is that you desire. 

When you are wondering if your prayers or hopes and dreams are being heard, remember that it is possible that the universe could be sitting right there waiting for you to be what you need to be to receive.

Leigh BurtonComment