Are You "Summer Body" Ready?

We are back into our summer zone, including all the clothing that goes with it. If you felt frumpy at all over the winter months, you could easily cover it up. Right?

If you are like most women, you question how you look. In the summer, it is more of the shape of your body and the condition it is in, that causes a frown. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t like what you see, then you will have to change. No, not your body, but how you see it.  

I believe that we all have body image issues. Everyone. Even when we are so very happy with our bodies, we tend to show it.  

Why? Well, we do so, judge our bodies by what we see in the mirror, good or bad, because we are conditioned to know for a fact that first appearances can’t be changed, and that they mean everything when interacting with others. So, the journey of hiding behind the mask begins.  

Here are some red flags that you or someone you know has a poor body image:

  1. Chronic comparison to others
  2. Unable to receive compliments or praise
  3. Second guessing what others say or do

If you can relate to these symptoms, then you are likely dealing with a poor image of you and your body.

It doesn’t stop there though. For some, it goes further down the rabbit hole. It can lead a person further into the darkness of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more.

So… What’s a girl to do?

You could be using your perception of your body to cover up something much more scary to you. When you have a moment that you are critical of you, take a moment and step back from it. Ask yourself “Where is this coming from?” or “What is really the underlying message here?”  

This will go a long, long way to getting to a place where you love yourself enough to love yourself better.

Remember, because you already know, that your body is a vessel of great things. That you have wonderful things to offer both you and others. Most importantly, remember that your opinion of your body, is just that. YOUR opinion of your body.  

Oh, one more thing…

Betty Boop and Barbie are not real. Neither are the expectations that we might have as a result of these two “PERFECT” women coming to mind. This is another example of how we humans look outside of ourselves for definition.

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