The Life in a Palm Tree

It’s funny. How we acknowledge that we are all of the same source. Yet, do we really KNOW it? I was sitting in what is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places that I could be, and bathe in what is nothing, if not a sensual breath of life. It seems loud at first, the wind and the waves. It took only a few seconds to realize that it is all peace. Peace in a way that can only be described as connection. How the two can only exist together. Like they are one.

There is something more. From above there is a rustle that sounds familiar. It sounds like nature is voicing wisdom and not afraid to expose itself. Sharing its innocence. Mesmerizing. Absolutely mesmerizing. Surely a symbol of God’s greatest work. A perfect symbol of life itself, standing before me. Hovering over me, its height not so powerful that it is overwhelming. Still, it is showing off its strength in a way that is comforting. From stem to tip, its arms reaching for the sky. A most graceful way of saying “Thank You”. It presents with great age, great wisdom. One that is unlike that of me.  Or so I believe it to be.

It can be just one, or amongst many. No different is its existence. The wind is strong, leaving my imagination to come to life. A storm that comes through would be so very difficult for me, as it would be you. Not for the Palm Tree though. It will stand strong, taking its licks. Not a single complaint. So well rooted that it can weather almost any storm. You could wake the next day and find that it is calm. It doesn’t champion itself for its hard work. It doesn’t tell stories about its suffering either. It just is. This is what I see and listen to as it expresses an innocent and shameless breath of its own life.

Life has flashed itself into its future without even a consideration of where it was yesterday. It doesn’t matter. It exists just for the purpose of existence. Taking nothing more than what it needs, leaving more than enough beauty to be witnessed for free. Freedom to be, is its lesson to me. How innocence is meant to exist naturally, and through wisdom it can be set free.

I can’t help but take a deep breath in gratitude, and not even realize that I am smiling. Looking at me. I am looking right at me. In it, I see me. What I should be too. Moment to moment, an honest labor done. With no consideration of the moment before me, or the one behind me. I too can live with my innocence being a shameless part of me. Allowed to exist because that’s how it should be. The fruit of my labor. The celebration of my life. Moving in the wind that I know now is in me. The waves that rise and fall, as it is in me. This I will take with me. My own wisdom digging my roots deeper into the ground. Finally I acknowledge, that this is me. I love me, just as I am. I too will heal, as does this tree. Left to its devices, it will just be.


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Leigh BurtonComment