A True Gift In Life

It can be so much fun receiving  a gift. Oh, but the feeling of being thought of when it wasn't expected. That isn’t the only way we receive gifts though, is it? We are all blessed in some way that shows us how blessed we are. Like the gift of having a wonderful family, or loving the job you have. I know that if you took the time to reflect you could write down all kinds of things that you are grateful for. Those very things, big or small, add to your being blessed. You alone. 

On the flip side, there are things in our life that if were gifted, we would be more than happy to give back. I’m talking about those aspects of our lives that annoy us. Parts of our lives that stress us out. They too can be big or small.

What are you to do with the unwanted gifts? Well, you can’t really give them back. You could make changes. People are always eager to give that advice. It isn’t always practical or realistic though, is it? Let me give you an example.

My husband has been working for the same company for over 25 years and as much as it isn’t any of my business, I can’t help but feel compassion for him and his colleagues. Because they work in a not so ideal environment that isn’t a healthy one. It’s an environment that hasn’t yet caught up with being more conducive with providing a workspace that optimizes emotional and mental health, and respect. Oh, who am I kidding. I consider it a down right nasty place to work, and I really don’t like it. Here’s the thing. I don’t work there, and not everyone can say that they are gifted with the opportunity I have had to just stop and shift. Go from where I was, a career that I believe was sucking out all the well-being that I could muster, to a career in what makes my heart sing. No, Chris (my husband) doesn’t believe that he has that “luxury” afforded to him. I don’t begrudge him his choice at all. He has all of his own right reasons for the choices that he makes. 

Here’s where the “Gift” part comes in. After some thought and reflection, I was able to see both ends of the pendulum (something I refer to a lot.). When I look at my life and all the things I love about it, I am able to notice what I have been gifted as a result of Chris having his job. It gives him incredible satisfaction in ways, all of which we normally would overlook so as to focus on the less than desirable aspects. It also gives me personally a gift. I am afforded the opportunity to have and do things each day that are important to the well-being of my own mind, body and spirit.

In recognizing that nothing is separate from anything else, it only takes a moment to reflect on what you are gifted as a result of your life as it is. It really is less than mature to think that life can be filled with rosy and fruitful things. Wisdom can put it all into perspective and reflection can open your eyes to what is really going on.

Take a moment and think about what value you have in your life. Then ask yourself what the “bad” does to support its existence. Then remember that all of it is external of you anyway.

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Leigh Burton

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