The Moment That Really Matters.

It’s all around you and you feel so blessed to have been able to experience it.  You know what I mean.  Those moments when you can’t help but smile and your heart is filled with a warmth that it touches the source that causes hope for it to never end.  “This is what life's all about.” you might say.  

Then there are those moments that stand out because of the “A-ha” experience.  Learning something of value just by people watching while out for a coffee.  The realization of what you don’t want as a hard to swallow moment passes by.  Teaching you yet again what it feels like to be treated poorly.  Disrespected and with the concern of “You don’t really matter.”

I separate the two, because unfortunately the “A-ha” moments that really stand out are due to a negative experience that leaves a scar.  For the most part, anyway.

Yes, there are moments that we remember with vivid color, and those that come to mind in dismal shades. 

These are the moments that shape life.  Making a definite stand on wants and needs.  Commitment to how we want to be treated and how we want to feel.  Because, feeling is everything.  Feelings are the precursors to the judgement we would make on everything.  And so it should be, that these moments are by far the most important moments that we have had, and hope to have.  Seekers of happiness have a quiet wish for the moments that feel warm.  While seekers of victimhood unknowingly crave and seek out moments of being mistreated.  

The moments that we desire, wish for, are exactly what we need to demonstrate that we are right.  “This is what life is supposed to be like.”  As a result, we put incredible power into these moments.  Each of them are crucial to having the life that we desire.  

Yes, every moment IS the most important moment you could possibly have.  Every single one SHOULD be witnessed with an eye that can identify the value that it brings, and the only way to do that is to do what we somehow know to be true.  “Live in the moment!”  

I have had a lengthy and taxing journey myself, and the most important teaching that I believe this student of life has received is “Live in the moment.”  The education never stops and as a result the concept of living in the moment has and will continue to swell with the information that I obtain.  

If “Living in the moment” is anything at all, it is nothing more than MINDFULNESS.  I’ve come to understand that mindfulness at it core means living each moment in a way that I understand that each will pass and only leave with me the significance that I attach to it.  This is by far the most important thing I believe I have developed into, and understand.  This knowledge was the game changer for me.  The realization that I decide the significance of each moment, good, great or bad, I decide what I will take away from it.  

Because everything outside of us is what we tend to label as what defines us, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to understand that attachments and their development is a practice that is at the very core of who and what we are.

The Buddhist concept of impermanence, acknowledges with great strength that nothing in life is permanent.  Including moments that are from both realms of great and unpleasant.  All of them are  moments that we can choose to experience for what it is, a moment, or hold onto and face the endless battle of chasing more.  

It’s not to say that we should not enjoy the highs and even dislike what we deem to be a low.  It is equally important to give the significance that each moment deserves as it is to give it none.  It isn’t the moment that will bring you success and happiness, nor is it what will bring you dismay.  It is what you make of it.  So, the logical question is, should you hold onto it?  The moment, I mean.  

Well, the answer is of your own choice, and no answer is wrong of course.  Remember though, that with attachment comes expectations.  Benchmarks that all other moments will be measured against, stifling their ability to share with you its individual worth.  Causing a created ability to see the next moment through a veil or shaded glasses.  Prescribed in a way that is of your own doing.  Judging what the rest of your life should be like, without consideration of the magic that each moment to come can share.

In short, enjoy the good moments and learn from the bad, but don’t suffer at the hand of your own mind, placing a value of permanence that implies that the outcome of your life has already been decided.  Besides, it really is just a moment.  Getting that, is the moment that really matters.  That is the moment that peace is realized.

Until Next time...

Leigh BurtonComment