Does The Universe Give You What You Need?

Does The Universe Give You What You Need?

Yes she does...and WOW does she do it loud and clear! 

In my “The Art of Living Ego Free” program, people move very quickly through the process of understanding the Ego and how to live a life respecting the Ego, but keeping from letting it be the driving force of their “tomorrows”.  When I say Ego, I mean that part in us that is always on and telling us something.  Letting us know who and what we are.  At least from the perspective of our individual inner voices.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again, a client will come to me with absolute shock that something from the past has come right to the front door of their space.  “I don’t understand!  I have worked so hard to move away from the things I don’t want in my life, and now it is standing all around me!  Interfering with everything I have worked so hard for.”  Most often when the issue is given more thought, I hear from a client telling me that they wonder if it would be best for all concerned if they took that step backwards.  Basically, allow the past to enter their space and take it over.  This leaves a person very distraught.  More so now than when they had to engage that person or situation before.  Because now they know that they have something to lose, and that something is of great value to them.  It is a part of their personal development that they know is taking them to their dream of more peace, freedom and success.

I wrote about this in my first book “A Girl, A Rose and A Two Headed Snake”.  I explain it like this. 

Once you have done work to move you forward on the path that is the right path for you, the Universe will respond.  You will start to see changes in your life immediately.  Changes that will encourage you to keep moving forward.  The human aspect of you still remembers the past that you have detached yourself from.  You will fear it more now than ever before because it is a place that you don’t want to go back to.  Because of this being an integral part of your vibration, your molecular connection to everything, the Universe will present it to you.  It’s a gift really.  By a past attachment that you no longer want presenting itself to you, you are given the freedom to make a choice.  You can start to see how you are standing with one foot in the past and one in the future.  Without judgement of course, because the Universe is judgement free, you get to choose which way to go.  Do you choose the future, the choice that provides no certainty and only an illusion of what you think it might look like?  Or, do you choose the past?  Even though going back would be really hard now that you know how good it feels to be separate of it.  The only reason you would choose to go back is that you have a degree of comfort with what you already know from experience.  Even if it was a bad experience.  You also would have a heightened sense of fear for what the future may hold for you.  More accurately in the thoughts that would be going on, what the future does not hold for you. 

There is no judgement.  You are the only one that can decide.   So make a choice.  But remember, that you made the choice, and you will want to be accountable for it.  More accurately, you will be held accountable for it.

If you choose to keep moving forward, then be grateful for such a wonderful gift.  An opportunity to reinforce how important it is for you to continue on your journey.  One that you have worked hard at, and want to follow through on.

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Leigh Burton