I Call Bulls$#it On "I Can't Afford It."

When asked “What is holding you back?” the most used words of choice to follow are “I can’t afford it.”

“I can’t afford it” is also the number one thing that makes me shake my head.  Ok, shaking my head sounds judgemental.  Maybe it is.  I’ll come out of the darkness and admit that there may be a bit there.  But, in my defence of my right to feel a little judgement, is this; I am becoming very tired of hearing it.

“I can’t afford it” are four words that define a massive part of our society.  In the sense of the word “afford” being about money, these four words carry a tremendous amount of dark magic that chain down the very person that believes they stand for freedom.  The person who enjoys the right to have choice.  That person whose actions loudly claim a stand in what they believe in.  That same person who stands up for “the little guy” and secretly smiles when “stick it to the man” is a flag being waved.

If you are not willing to live out of your means, then your means is all you will have to live with.  Said the woman who is so very tired of hearing “I can’t afford it”.  Yes, me.

Money has become the number one thing that defines who we are as a person.  Whether in abundance, or a lack there of, cold hard cash is a God.  We bow or kneel to it when it presents itself as an opportunity, and fear it when there isn’t enough.  Most of us anyway.

Virtually everyone wakes to a new day, seeking what they believe will make today a great day.  There is that low hanging fruit just waiting for us.  All we have to do is find it, grab on and pull.  Whatever that fruit might be, it is what we allow to define who we are this very day.  As if everything else is either a means to the end, or an obstacle that needs to be obliterated so as to clear the way.  

“I can’t afford it” said the mom taking her three children to Burger King.  Because that $50 spent on poor nutrition is definitely the way to spend some quality down time with your family.  

“I can’t afford it” said the person that has a HUGE car payment.  Because, having a bigger and shinier vehicle has nothing to do with their EGO, and everything to do with “I deserve it.”

“I can’t afford it” said the parents saving for Christmas.  Because, an even bigger screen for your gaming console is definitely a “me time” opportunity to reflect on you, and give you more of the “balance” you desperately seek.

Alright, I’m being harsh.  I realize that.  But, isn’t it time that someone said it?  Said “Could you please give your head a shake?”  

Maybe this isn’t you, however, most of the society that we fight for the right of freedom and choice are in fact using these horrible four words to say “I can’t” or “I don’t deserve”.  

Everything you invest in with money or otherwise, will do nothing for what you are working for.  Which is to ultimately to have more peace, choice and freedom in your life.  Three things that will naturally induce a smile.  Three things that can only be found by investing in yourself.  So before you say “I can’t afford it”, whether it be money, energy, or your time, look at the low hanging fruit and ask yourself why.  

“I can’t afford it” really means “I can’t”, “I’m not worth it”, “It’s not a priority” or “I’m afraid”.
Because if you can afford anything, it should be you.

Until next time…


Leigh BurtonComment