When Aliens Call

What doesn’t throw you doesn’t move you. So they say. Well, this is one woman who has to agree. There is something to be said about the unforeseen challenges that always hits us like a face to face confrontation with the devil. I can see it in my mind’s eye. For one minute moment there is the most wicked smile on his face. Like he is getting a full set giggles out of torturing you. But like you, I shrug it off and charge ahead. Just like you I am pumped and ready to overcome.

I am talking about a time when you may have been on a call, and the person coming through the other side made you feel like yelling at the phone. Gradually frustrated, yes, but it only took a single moment to make you wonder what planet they were visiting from.  Or maybe it seemed like an entire day of craziness all around you. You know those days, the days that you wonder if you should have stayed in the safety of your home and not ventured out into the wilderness.

Whatever you can achieve in a memory recall, I am certain that you know that it will happen again and again. You might even feel kind of bad about how one of the experiences rolled out, about how you handled it. These types of moments are likely the ones that you most often question your sanity. There is a soothing and simple answer to three questions that go through your mind.

1) Yes. People really do think that way, and you are not crazy for wondering what planet they come from. I say that because virtually every time that you feel you have had a kick in the ass, you can find someone else that is involved. That’s because you set out with expectations and someone with the nerve to have their own expectations walks across your path.

2) Yes. You CAN call a friend. No on the getting an answer to the problem but a definite yes in venting it out. Venting, if done in a healthy fashion has incredible value in that it helps you go backwards and figure out why you are feeling the way you do. Let’s be honest. You don’t like the feeling, so get on board finding out why.

3) Yes. You do know what you should do. Yep, you have this. “Should I” in this situation is ALL about Ego. Sorry, but it’s true. Say no, no, and no again. You will find that the simplest and least drama induced way to move past this challenge is to keep it simple and involve the other person as little as possible.

Let’s be honest about this too. Does it really matter what that person thinks? Does it matter what they think of you? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, I would take some time and think about why. Answering yes implies attachment to something that is unhealed and Ego driven.

So, keep it simple. Remove yourself for a few moments and you will see that a simple and path with least resistance will be obvious. And the next time it happens that you are hit by a Dumb Bomb, you can know that it will have far less impact.

Until next time…
Leigh Burton