Anger Causes Sciatica

Anger Causes Sciatica…Really?

WOW, can there be incredible pain and unwanted suffering related to Sciatica. I know myself, it can cause sharp pains that make you jump up in your chair. Thank GOD it only lasts for a second at a time. It can also cause restless and painful sleep. It resonates from the hip, down the leg, past the knee and right into the ankle.

If you suffer from Sciatica, I trust this is where you are nodding your head in agreement. Thankfully, some of us Sciatica sufferers only suffer to one side of our body. I confess. I have Sciatica too. So, as always, I researched it. From a medical perspective and from a metaphysical one.

It turns out that although Sciatica is a legitimate condition in the medical arena, it is also legitimate in the metaphysical one. In the second, it is said to be due to a relentless anger inside of you. One that can be so very deep that you don’t even know it is there. WOW, if the pain isn’t enough, now there is an underlying unhealthy emotion that has to be brought to the surface and cleansed? Yep!

Sciatica is “medically” due to compression of the sciatic nerve in and around the lumbar portion of the spine, particularly L4, L5 and S1. As this is the arena that we house anger and disappointment with self, it is only fitting that the result would be a manifestation of real pain. What we hide away will manifest itself in life around us.

The lower part of the lumbar spine and around the sacrum is where the root chakra is located as well. Fitting, don’t you think? When we are not in a place of empathy and compassionate investigation of  self, we are what we refer to as “not grounded”.

In Eastern medicine, sciatic is related to a problem in the gall bladder meridian. The gallbladder is an organ that facilitates digestion. Huh…Gall bladder related conditions indicate difficulty in managing problems, in getting situations clear. What is my place? Am I being given the right recognition?

My good friend defines anger as “deep and strong feelings aroused by injury, injustice, wrong, etc.” The feelings related to anger are directly related to feeling the need to be right being unmet. Simple truth.

So, what did I do for myself after finding this juicy pod of information?  I pulled out my home ionic detox system and gave myself a good foot soak.  There are a few people who don’t believe in the ionic foot detox system, but it works for me.  I went to this process first, because I am a believer of gentle care of self.  Even more so, I believe in realistic care of self.  One who decides to go really headstrong into the nitty gritty is going to feel bumps and bruises along the way.  I prefer to be gentle and loving with myself.  There’s only one  me.  Remember, it is easier and better executed to do work on yourself with a body that is more able to give you the right space to do it in.

The more I looked into the subject of sciatica and its relation to anger, the more interesting my findings became.  As a retired nurse, I reached a level of confidence in what I found, supporting my decision to write about it.  Particularly what I found about the interaction between the sciatic nerve, the psoas muscle, the lumbar spine and the root chakra all combined as an entity of its own.  So, I have decided to make that the subject of blog throughout the rest of the summer.  Some very interesting stuff coming your way.

Until next time…

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