Write It Down

Last week I spoke in Phoenix, and I had the opportunity to connect with some incredible women and speakers.  One in particular stood out for me this morning.  Becky Norwood, author The Woman I Love, lives in Arizona and like most of us, you and me included, had quite a story that she can call her past.  What she spoke about is the importance of sharing your own story.  How by leaving it in the past with no air to breath, we remain in our story.  Most likely as a silent victim of past circumstance.  

This really stood out for me, because it wasn't until I wrote my own book that I was able to begin pulling myself from my own past and placing myself in a much more happy present time.  I realized that the future had nothing more to offer me than the past.  Unless I was willing to toughen up enough to shift into witnessing life in the present.  

I looked around the room, while in Phoenix, and recognized just how important this was.  Many of the women on this retreat were able to share that they had written their story.  More incredible, you could see evidence all over them that they were so much more at peace and in a happy place because of it.

There is incredible power and personal healing that comes with writing your story.  Putting pen to paper and giving a modern day perspective to your story instantly moves you out of the past and into your future.  One that is not held back as a result of staying in a place that don't want to be in.

So, do yourself a favor and write something down.  Write yourself a letter, or buy a journal.  Start a journal on your phone or laptop.  Writing litterally saved my life, and I can definately tell you that what will happen as a result will be nothing short of incredible.

Until next time...

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Leigh Burton