Blocked From Happiness, Money or Whatever? Here’s The Way Out!

You see it everywhere, unblock this, and unblock that.  “How to” tips through support of another and even DIY “Unblock your blocked energy” exercises.  While most of them have integrity and are able to provide some relief to the circumstance, does it not make sense to get to the root of the problem with knowledge of what was blocking you in the first place?  Would it not make even more sense to know how to maintain your life, body, mind and spirit in a way that is preventative care for future blocks?  

First know what I mean by a block.  I am referring to energy that has been pooling, spiraling and is stuck, because it is attached to a thought process that hasn’t been let go of.  One that may be recently adopted, but most likely born through circumstances a long time ago.  Not a new concept, agreed.

What isn’t usually thought of in this process is that there is no real need to work on the issue in a horizontal or time linear manner.  Meaning, going back in time, further and further, passing events that relate, and ultimately getting to the moment that the unwanted attachment began.  You can go through a horizontal process of healing this attachment, it is up to you.  Some find it interesting to know all the fine details of how something has traumatized them over and over again without their conscious knowledge.  Personally, I prefer to work in a way that is vertical.  It is a simpler and realistic manner that provokes more thought of what you want and using that as leverage to release the attachment.  

Working through what is blocking you in a vertical manner gives you the opportunity to walk through each of your chakras and see the many ways that an attachment is affecting your ability to reach your goals and see your desires come to fruition.  The further down you go, the closer you are to reaching the point of what the root cause is.  This is the only way to move forward and leave the issue behind.  

Here is why I believe that this is so important in our individual healing processes.  Because, while an issue that keeps me standing at the gate and not moving forward can start at any time in my life, I would rather get to the healing part of the process as painlessly as possible, and in a way that gives me ownership of it.  Although interesting, it doesn’t make a difference to me if the block came to life 5 years ago, 40 years ago, or 3 lifetimes ago.  No, what really matters to me is right now.  What can I do today to make tomorrow better.  

So, while your individual blocks are real, and that there are many resources in moving energy available to you, find out first what and why, and how it matters “today”.  This is a process that normally doesn’t take more than three separate sessions of “vertical work”.  Don’t encourage yourself to suffer through a source of agony that leaves you in no better place than where you were when you had the block in the first place.  There is no need for me or my clients to suffer emotionally while in process of healing. 

Energy healing is something that I engage in and practice quite often, but I do so when I understand the energy that needs to be healed.  Otherwise, I don’t own the healing process itself and don’t empower myself to be witness to it possibly happening again.  Mental clarity and a healthy perspective makes a world of difference in releasing the past and moving into your future with more of what you want in your life.

I too have coaches or mentors that can assist when I need the help.  If you don’t, I highly suggest it.  Just think of this...If you had a clear perspective, would you be in a compromised position that a change of perspective was needed to get you out?  

Once I get the opportunity to experience the AHA moment, whether for myself or my clients, I use what I call the magic of what the earth intended for healing.  Essential Oils.  Taken from the most natural resources and in its purest form, essential oils are used by healers all over the world.  Including the shamans of the Mesoamerican cultures in Mexico.  Essential oils change the vibration of energy and just like the body’s natural healing process, energy is shifted throughout your body to assist you in an organic and natural way.  One that is far more comfortable for me than twisting my body and mind in ways that I would rather not, and is definitely a much more cost effective way for all budget types. 

So, if you are ready to take a realistic and effective approach to heal that which is blocking you from what you aspire to be, then consider the way that gives you the ownership of your healing.  Motivating and inspiring you to continue to have positive and lasting effect on your life and dreams.

Want to know more?  Don’t think twice about it, and connect with me.  I am happy to share with you how this process can be the change you have been waiting for.

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Leigh Burton