What's Got you Strung Up?

There is something that you want.  Something that you know will change everything.  Is it a wish?  Is it a desire?  Or is it that inside of you, you know what is to be true.  That there is a better you.  Whatever it is, you know that you will have to leave something behind.  Place it in a bank of memories to peruse and remember what life used to be like.   

If you knew that there was a way to let it go and rid yourself of what is obviously keeping you from being happier, would you seek it out?  Would you ask for it? 

If you answered yes, then I say good for you. If you said no. Then I feel for you.  Fear and discomfort can be overwhelming.  It can take over and replace any sensibility your mind has.  Because it is a sensible thing to do. Right?   Letting go I mean.   

It seems to most of us that staying where we are with an issue is clearly not acceptable but definitely something that we must tolerate.  We may seek out the ear of a friend, and for some, we might seek out anyone who would listen.  Really because there is a part of us that thinks the issue is unbelievable.  An outside source of approval means that we are not crazy.  

It's perfectly natural to want to change what isn't working.  We are programmed or conditioned from a very early age to do differently.  Whether it be not wanting to upset the apple cart or not being able to see the forest for the trees, there is a corner of our mind that fears change.  

 The result?  Anxiety, depression, seclusion, and more.  The experience of fusion with a negative thought or position in life can quickly turn into a spiralling affect that gets you basically nowhere near what you really want for you in your life.   

If this is you, then you are in need of a "Drop Stop & Think" exercise.  An opportunity to give yourself a chance to recognize that for you the thought process you are trapped in is not a rational one, and developing a different perspective.  A different story, you could say.  

 Stepping outside of the box now and that can make a world of difference in making healthier choices.  Decisions that will keep you aligned with your goals and position your goals to be much more attainable. With more of living on purpose and in your passion.  Although your past will never truly leave you, it doesn't have to continue to design your life.   

Day 2 of my retreat gives you all of the personalized exercises and modern platform for you to do just this. Finding your voice and building the path to have the control in your life that you desire.  This is the day that you stop judging yourself.  Who or what do you need to let go of?  What will make you happier? This is the day that you will rebirth into who you are dreaming of.  Take a look.   

 Until next time...


Leigh Burton