Leigh Burton

Leigh Burton decided to enter a journey of discovery and healing herself from within. "Life shouldn't have to be this hard," she said when asked by her teacher what it was that she wanted. The next decision was an easy one to make. Live or die? Leigh chose life. Her journey took her to a place of self-discovery and love that can only be found through the wisdom of the ancient. The wisdom that saved her life was that of the Toltec and Maya of Central America. The action that saved her was the willingness to move past fear and be open to living a life of Heaven on Earth. Today Leigh is completely healed and shares her story of healing and hope with you so that you too can achieve the "What seems impossible". Just by trusting, allowing, and accepting that there is a possibility of coming through the other side. Leigh shares this amazing journey of transformation which includes a foreword by international bestselling author Don Jose Ruiz, one of her teachers along the way.