Leigh Burton

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Leigh Burton

After many years as a nurse and health practitioner, Leigh used her knowledge and experience to become a leader in personal growth. Now she helps others shift their lives in a way that allows them the freedom to start living life on their terms.

With over 25 years of study in the ancient wisdom of the Mesoamerican cultures of the Toltec, and Maya she has become an Amazon International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and a spotlight writer for OM Times Magazine where she shares her wisdom with over 20 million subscribers. NLP Practitioner, Emotional Health Coach, Acceptance Commitment Therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and an expert in letting go.

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Leigh is a spotlight writer and editor for "OM Times Magazine", supporting over 2 million subscribers in living a conscious and mindful lifestyle.  See below to link to her recent articles!


A Girl, A Rose And A Two Headed Snake